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01 July 2019

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Member Spotlight July 2019

Member Spotlight July 2019

Bloomfield Health Services in a few lines? 


Founded over 200 years ago, Bloomfield Health Services is the largest and longest-established mental health charity in South County Dublin providing treatment and continuing care for individuals with complex mental health problems.  These include severe and enduring issues such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s Diseases (HD).  We are the only organisation in Ireland providing in-patient treatment and care for individuals with HD – one of the most devastating neurological conditions known to man.

What are Bloomfield Health Services’ main activities ?



Of the many individuals in Ireland who may develop severe mental health issues, those with the most challenging and complex needs are likely to be referred to Bloomfield.


Bloomfield today is also one of only two organisations in the country providing a Specialised Rehabilitation Unit (SRU) to adults who have often spent many years in other acute mental health facilities. This new service helps provide patients with the necessary skills and coping mechanisms to live rich and fulfilling lives in their own communities.  We also provide care for the frail and elderly through our on-site New Lodge nursing home facilities.


We provide accommodation for 150 people between our Hospital and Nursing Home facilities to patients and residents from all over the island of Ireland – both North and South. Our users’ ages range from their mid-20s to over 80 years old.

Where can we find out more?


You can visit our website:

You also can find us on social media: Facebook  & Twitter


Tetiana Sykes

MHE Communications Manager

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