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Migration and Mental Health

Migration is an integral part of inclusive societies. People on the move can face mental health difficulties at multiple times, be it disturbing experiences in the country of origin such as war and forced displacement, along migratory routes such as the crossing of the Mediterranean Sea, and during challenging reception conditions with long periods of legal limbo.


For these reasons, Mental Health Europe and its members are increasingly engaged in addressing mental health concerns within migration policies, taking sides for migrants with psychosocial disabilities and mental health conditions. MHE also aims to establish forms of dialogue between its members working in the field of migration and mental health, to enable knowledge-sharing, common reflection and formulation of suggestions to improve mental health services.

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19 December 2022

Call for an external independent evaluator: EU4Health Project

MHE is currently seeking an external evaluator for a EU4Health Project that focuses on good practices for mental health linked to pandemics. The evaluator will lead on the setting up of the Monitoring and Εvaluation (M&E) frameworks and carry out the external evaluation and assess the project’s progress towards achieving its objectives and pilot processes.

18 October 2022

Call for expert: value for money approaches in community mental health services

MHE is currently seeking an expert to support the carrying out of a study focussing on 'Value for money approaches in community mental health services'.

16 September 2021

MHE joins open letter calling for protection of Afghan refugees’ mental health

Mental Health Europe joined an open letter by the Consortium on Refugees’ and Migrants’ Mental Health (CoReMH), calling on the European Union to take action for the protection of Afghan refugees' mental health.

30 June 2021

Protect the human rights of migrants with mental health problems

Mental Health Europe endorses the policy recommendations made by the Consortium on Refugees' and Migrants' Mental Health (CoReMH).

18 December 2020

How Europe can better protect migrants with disabilities and mental health problems

New Pact on Migration and Asylum is a missed opportunity for people with disabilities and mental health problems.

17 February 2020

Why the Child Guarantee Council Recommendation is best launched in 2020

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children calls on the EU to eradicate child poverty with the help of the Child Guarantee.

18 December 2019

Adequate funding needed to support migrants’ mental health, new report finds

On International Migrants Day, Mental Health Europe and the European Public Health Alliance release a summary report looking into the use of EU funds for migrants' mental health.

28 November 2019

It’s time for the renewed commitment to protect the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities

MHE's statement on the occasion of the European day of persons with disabilities 2019

25 April 2018

Joint Statement on the next EU budget and children in migration

8  Ways to make the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework a vehicle for protection and integration of children in migration.

11 October 2017

World Mental Health Day 2017 – Migration: mental health is not the problem, it’s the solution

World Mental Health Day 2017 in the European Parliament, discussing mental health and migration.

10 October 2017

Mental health support to migrants and refugees should not be a luxury

9 October 2017

MHE’s reaction to the new EU return policies

Last week, the EU Commission published a set of recommendations to Member States on the return and detention of migrants and refugees.

9 October 2017

New position paper: Mental health support to migrants and refugees should not be a luxury

New position paper: Mental health support to migrants and refugees should not be a luxury.

18 October 2016

Position Paper on Mental Health and Migration

The need for mental health and psychosocial support for migrants

10 October 2016

Europe needs a plan to address refugees’ and migrants’ mental health