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MHE x Monki

Mental Health Europe

09 April 2019

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Mental Health Europe x Monki

Mental Health Europe x Monki


Mental Health Europe is very proud to partner with the Scandinavian fashion label Monki as part of an ongoing campaign on mental health and young people. The first part of the campaign, All the Feels, was launched in October 2018 and reached millions of young people.The All the Feel campaigns aims to raise awareness about the effects of social media on young people’s mental health.


The second collaboration and campaign ‘Embrace your feels’ – launched in May 2019 explores mental health and its impact on daily life, encouraging important discussions around this topic to continue and evolve.


Prior to the launch of the two campaigns, MHE has partnered with the brand to discuss terminologies and mental health matters. Through this special All the Feels collection, Monki will donate to support MHE’s work on mental health.

Mental Health Europe x Monki in the media

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Monki выпустили коллекцию в поддержку психологического здоровья молодых девушек

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Monki uppmärksammar sociala mediers påverkan på ungas mentala hälsa