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Empowering Minds Podcast Series: Episode 6

“Mental health and environment”


Episode 6 of our podcast series – Empowering Minds – is everything about the complex intersections between climate and the environmental issues, mental health and overall well-being.  Most centrally we will hear from young persons and what they think needs to be done to look into a healthy future in balance with the environment.  



You can find a full transcript of the episode here.


This time podcast host Jonas Bull is joined by three great speakers: 


Carys Richards is a climate activist, finishing her masters degree in Environment, Politics and Society at UCL and soon to be leading the Interlinked Campaign for Generation Climate Europe. The Interlinked campaign highlights the connections between each sustainable development goal and SDG13: Climate Action. Most recently, the campaign has focused on the link between Climate Action and SDG3: Good Health and Wellbeing.  


Hannah Harrison is a second year geography undergraduate at the University of Cambridge and has recently taken over as a coordinator of the SDG Working Group at Generation Climate Europe. In her spare time she also volunteers as the Publications Coordinator for ClimaTalk, a youth-led initiative aiming to demystify climate policy and amplify young people’s voices in the fight against the climate crisis. 


Cassandra Murphy is an Environmental Psychology PhD researcher at Maynooth University working on the Horizon2020 project – GoGreenRoutes. Cassie is interested in the wellbeing benefits of being connected to nature and the natural environment. Having grown up on Valentia Island in the South-West of Ireland she is no stranger to nature exposure and the benefits spending time in this environment had during the pandemic restrictions.  


If you want to know more about their work check out these useful resources: 



About the series 

Empowering Minds is the Brussels-based podcast from Mental Health Europe. Covering a range of mental health topics, the podcast hopes to empower people to think differently about mental health and wellbeing. 


In the past three episodes, we talked about young people’s mental health, mental health and transparency regulations between doctors and the pharma industry, the use of coercive measures in mental health services and the existing solutions to end these practices, as well as psychiatric diagnosis. If you missed the episodes, visit our Soundcloud page, listen to Empowering Minds on iTunes or see them here. 



MHE joins Go Green Routes project

Mental Health Europe is thrilled to announce its participation in the new Go Green Routes project


Go Green Routes

GoGreenRoutes is a €10.5m EU-funded project sowing the seeds for increased nature-connectedness across Europe, Latin America and China.