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European Mental Health Week

9-13 May 2022

#SpeakUpForMentalHealth #EuropeanMentalHealthWeek

Mental Health Europe (MHE) is hosting the third edition of the European Mental Health Week on 9-13 May 2022. The theme ‘Speak up for mental health’ will shine the spotlight on youth mental health as a high-profile societal issue now and in the future.

“Be the change you want to see in the world!”

Speak up – Shape a brighter future

Start now 


Speak up for mental health. Be vocal. It’s ok to not be ok.


Mental health affects all of us at every stage of our lives.


Shape a brighter future for young people.


Everyone needs and deserves access to mental health care.


Are you ready to commit to action for mental health?


Speak up for mental health. Start now.

About the week


All you wanted to know


The European Mental Health Week is a pan-European initiative that aims to raise awareness about the importance of mental health in our everyday lives. Set up and run by Europe’s largest independent mental health NGO Mental Health Europe (MHE), the third edition of the European Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 9 May until 13 May 2022.


This year’s theme, ‘Speak Up for Mental Health’ will shine the spotlight on youth mental health. In most European countries, mental health problems among young people (15–24-year-olds) have doubled the last two years as a consequence of the pandemic. Young people constitute an especially vulnerable group. Immediate action at European and national level is crucial to address the mental health needs of young people in Europe. Now, armed conflict in the European region has increased uncertainty and fear.


This week-long online action is a chance for everyone and especially young people to speak up about all aspects of mental health, share personal stories of how to cope with difficulties in times of crisis and in general, and highlight the need for action.


European Youth Forum


We are delighted to announce that the European Youth Forum is an official partner this year’s European Mental Health Week. The European Youth Forum is at the forefront of the ‘2022 European Year of Youth’ ensuring that 2022 has a long-lasting positive impact on young people by pushing for sustainable and positive policy changes.


The European Youth Forum also carried out research summarised in the report Beyond Lockdown: the ‘pandemic scar’ on young people” highlighting the deep social, economic, but also mental health challenges and barriers that young people are facing as a consequence of the pandemic.  This report shows that there are not enough national policy responses to support young people’s mental health. Immediate action at European and national level is crucial to address the mental health needs of young people in Europe.

Why the week




The European Mental Health Awareness Week builds on the long-standing global tradition of celebrating Mental Health Awareness month in May. In the US, Mental Health Month was initiated by Mental Health America in 1949. It has been celebrated every year since with growing support from the public and policymakers, for over 70 years. In Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association has hosted Mental Health Week during the first week of May for 70 years.  In the UK, Mental Health Awareness Week has been run by Mental Health Foundation on the third week of May for over 20 years.


Our ambition is to promote this positive practice throughout Europe and establish the European Mental Health Week as an annual pan-European mental health campaign celebrating the path to awareness and action.

Get social – spread the word

There are many ways to bring awareness about mental health. One way is through engagement on social media.


Help us spread the word about the week by sharing messages and visuals. Mark the week using the hashtags #EuropeanMentalHealthWeek and #SpeakUpForMentalHealthental. Spread the word to your followers on social media. The more people hear about the campaign the better! It only takes a few seconds but can have a lasting impact.


You can also follow Mental Health Europe on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, share our content and join the conversation online. Like and retweet our posts throughout the week using the hashtags #EuropeanMentalHealthWeek and #SpeakUpForMentalHealth. Tag us on social media too so that we can celebrate the week with you.


We have created assets and example posts to make it as easy as possible  for you to shout about the week. Feel free to adapt  the content according to your needs or develop your own.

Start the conversation today by sharing the following post:

Join the #EuropeanMentalHealthWeek from 9 – 13 May to #SpeakUpForMentalHealth – start now.

Learn more:

Use your voice – act for mental health!

We want to get as many people as possible talking about youth mental health in Europe this week. Following the pandemic and additional anxieties caused by geopolitical uncertainty, climate change and economic insecurity, there’s plenty of reasons to speak up for mental health.

Now more than ever, youth mental health matters. Start now.

Use your voice, use one of our shareable, fillable assets and act for mental health!

Get involved – attend or host an online event!

Show your support by showing up to one of our virtual events – please see the details below.


Join the action and inspire others by hosting your own event under the banner of the 2022 European Mental Health Week. You can raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing in so many ways: from free film screenings or record-breaking attempts to flash mobs, tag-on challenges or fun runs.


Get inspiration from some of the ideas below and email with the details for your event so we can publicise it.

Some ideas for your inspiration:


  • Get sweating for mental health: go the distance!
  • Wear something green this European Mental Health Week to show your support and help raise awareness of mental health.
  • Hold a virtual quiz night on Zoom or Teams. Choose different themes for each round of questions – mental health could be one!
  • Change your email signature and raise awareness of mental health amongst your colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Include our materials in your newsletter, announcements, or on your website.


Be creative, be active, have fun!

Calendar of events




Mind our rights! A webinar on children’s rights & youth mental health


TIME: 13:00 – 14:00 CEST


What are the benefits of using a child rights-based approach? And how are these rights currently implemented in youth mental health care accross the world?

This webinar will focus on the right to grow up (mentally) healthy and the right to be heard, and thus to be actively involved in policymaking. 

To join, register here.



Instagram Live

Let’s speak up for mental health


16:30 – 17:00 CEST


Join Mental Health Europe for a conversation with the European Youth Forum, the official partner for this year’s European Mental Health Week, and mental health advocate Dominique de Marné. Learn more here and join the chat on Instagram Live on Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 16:30 CET.



Instagram Live

Conversations on Mental Health – Young Carers


13:00 – 13:30 CEST


As part of the week, we are organising an Instagram Live to discuss the topic of young carers, a group we believe should have more visibility. We will be joined by Renske Hoefman (researcher) and Inge Romeijn (young carer) to discuss the link between caring and mental health.

Learn more here and join the chat on Instagram Live on Wednesday 11 May 2022 at 13:00 CET.




Mental health and young people: It is time to start and shape a brighter future


14:30 – 15:30 CET


Young people are among the groups more at risk of marginalisation and most impacted by socio-economic determinants of health and overall wellbeing. Mental Health Europe will present its policy recommendations at this webinar, take stock of the state of play of young people’s mental health and discuss the actions needed to shape a brighter future for all. Speakers from representative youth organisations as well as young people with lived experience of mental ill health and of service provision are included on this panel. 

Find more information here.




Policy Event “Youth in the Spotlight”: European Parliament, Brussels


10:00 – 12:00 CEST


There’s an urgent need to address the mental health of young people during this unprecedented time.

A panel including multiple stakeholders will help to better understand the challenges, identify how mental health problems can be prevented and exchange about the empowerment and active engagement of young people in decisions about their mental health. View the programme and register.

Share your story, a tip or words of encouragement

Tell us: how are you coping with your mental health?


Think of these questions:

  • What have you been doing to try and look after your mental health at the moment?
  • What have you learned about your mental health in the last two years?
  • What strengths have you discovered within yourself?


Nominate 3 friends and ask them to share their tips or words of encouragement, use the hashtags #EuropeanMentalHealthWeek and #SpeakUpForMentalHealth and don’t forget to tag Mental Health Europe in your post. We want to make your advice heard by others.

Share a tip

Share 3 tips that help your mental wellbeing on a daily basis in these tough times

Share a song

Share a song that elevates you and helps you cope with stressful times

Share a video

Share a short video recording telling us how you are looking after mental health to support others

Share a photo

Share a photo of what inspires you and keeps you going on a daily basis during lockdown

Share a story

Share your own mental health story, ignite and inspire conversation. You can submit your story via this link or an email.

Let’s celebrate European Mental Health Week by listening to the feel-good songs to boost your mood

Music has the powers. It can change the way we act, think and feel. Different music affects everybody uniquely. But we all agree that music has the ability to make us dance like nobody’s watching and sing as if no one will hear. 


Listening to music is known to have positive effects on mental health. It can elevate your mood, reduce stress, improve focus and help relaxation. What music has the mood-boosting powers on you? Share your favourite feel-good songs with us via the hashtag #EuropeanMentalHealthWeek.


Let’s celebrate European Mental Health Week by listening to this Feel-good Playlist.

Why mental health


Mental health is a critical human and societal issue. Learn why speaking up and taking action matters.



There’s an urgent need to raise the general public and policymakers’ understanding about mental health, reduce stigma and change behaviours and attitudes. 



We know more about mental health today than ever before. Armed with all the knowledge, progress can be made.  Mental health support must be available for all and especially for young people. 



In recent years, the World Health Organization and other UN agencies, European institutions and health ministries have recognised the urgent need for commitment and action on mental health. When our leaders speak up and take action, we can look towards a brighter future to move towards positive mental health especially for young people.



More than half 9 million young people in Europe have been negatively affected by the pandemic and these numbers could increase as new crises emerge. Equitable access to mental health care can improve the quality of life for many and especially for young people.

Quick facts about mental health


Young people’s mental health was heavily impacted the last two years due to the pandemic


Mental health problems among young people (15–24-year-olds) has doubled in 2020-2021.


Nine million adolescents in Europe (aged 10-19) experience problems with their mental health.


Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people in Europe.


A vulnerable group, young people are 30% to 80% more likely to report experiences of depression or anxiety in contrast to adults.


Young people’s mental health needs are not supported early enough and often only at a stage of crisis.

Social media toolkit


Use your voice, download one of our shareable social media assets and speak up for mental health!

“Be the change you want to see in the world!”

Give something back – fundraise


Celebrate European Mental Health Week 2022 with us and help us promote mental health in Europe by organising a fundraiser.


We want to get as many people as possible speaking up about mental health in Europe this week.


There are so many ways to fundraise for Mental Health Europe: from doing a virtual distance challenge to organising a team-building activity with your team and doing something good to enhance positive mental health.  Depending on your time, there are numerous ways to get involved.

Donate directly (for your birthday, the money you would have spent on commute)

Support our pan-European awareness campaign by donating directly through our website. You’ll be making a big difference helping us to promote mental health, resilience and recovery for all.  Get more more inspiration from our 2022 Fundraising Toolkit>>


Dress to fundraise: wear green to show your support for mental health

Green is the colour of mental health representing hope, strength and support. This European Mental Health Week, wear something green to raise awareness and fundraise for mental health. See more ideas in our 2022 Fundraising Toolkit>>

Fundraising on Facebook or Instagram


Using Facebook fundraising tools is an easy way to ask your friends on Facebook to join you in raising funds for Mental Health Europe. If you’re on Instagram, there’s an option where you can add a donate button to your story and select MHE as the organisation you want to donate to.


See more ideas in our 2022 Fundraising Toolkit>>

  • Sign up for a virtual distance challenge
  • Host a virtual walking/running event
  • Organise an online auction
  • Host a virtual quiz
  • Run a virtual book club
  • Host a virtual cinema night
  • Throw a virtual party
  • Ask for a matched funding
  • Organise an office sweepstake


Get more ideas and inspiration in our 2022 Fundraising Toolkit>>



Start raising money for mental health today! The earlier you kickstart your fundraising, the more time you have to raise much-needed funds. Every challenge taken will help us improve mental health for all throughout Europe. Be a changemaker in any way that fits your lifestyle.


With your support, we can campaign for better services and provide vital resources and information in multiple European languages. More people with mental health problems will be able to get respect they deserve and know that they are not alone on their mental health journey.


To donate or contact


Contact us by e-mail: info[at]mhe-sme[dot]org


Stay tuned and visit this page regularly, more information coming.

Thank you for getting involved in the 2022 European Mental Health Awareness Week.


If you would like any further information or have any questions, please contact Jackie Mellese, Communication Manager at Mental Health Europe (jackie[dot]mellese[at]mhe-sme[dot]org).


Also, please reach out and tell us how you are engaging your communities in raising awareness about youth mental health. With your support, we can continue to improve mental health in Europe for all.

The European Mental Health Week