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Tried and Trusted

Tried and. Trusted. A Mental Health Europe campaign for youth employment 

Employment can play a vital role in recovery for many people with mental health problems. Yet, people with severe and enduring mental health problems are less likely to be in paid employment than any other disadvantaged group. Furthermore, young people have become disproportionately affected by the recent recession and economic crisis (youth unemployment rates across the European Union has now reached a staggering 20.9%, up from 9.6% in 2009), which is why Mental Health Europe believes special attention needs to be given to young people who are coping with mental health problems. This campaign aims to show that, with proper support, young people with severe mental health problems who wish to work can achieve lasting employment.

Mental Health Europe is supporting and raising awareness for the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) method. The IPS method is a place and train method which emphasizes rapid job search and placement, and advocates for offering support to both employer and employee. It focuses on the individual who is looking for paid employment, prompting health and employment services to work together with potential employers to achieve a perfect job match. Employment specialists are therefore integrated and preferably co-located within clinical teams, and employment becomes a goal of the mental health services. Research has shown that IPS has a success rate more than double that of traditional train and place vocational rehabilitation services and there is also good evidence to suggest that with IPS these success rates hold up even when jobs are scarce.


  • to raise awareness of employment and work being beneficial for young persons with mental health problems (even severe mental health problems).
  • to promote the IPS method as a good practice to get young persons with mental health problems (back) into the open labour market.
  • to prompt the European Union and EU Member States to implement/support the IPS method within their social and health policies.

Activities and Outcomes:

During the year we will raise awareness on the benefits of employment for young people with mental health problems at several events and conferences, and explain why the IPS method has significantly more effective outcomes when supporting young people with severe mental health problems back into paid employment. We plan to host a hearing at the European Parliament in November in Brussels. Additionally, we will be present this project at the conference organized by MHE Member Estuar in Romania.  We will produce a final report and short documentary on the IPS method and disseminate both widely.

Lead Organisation:

Mental Health Europe


  • Germany - Deutsche Gesellschaft for Soziale Psychiatrie
  • Italy - Associazione Italiana Salute Mentale
  • Spain - Intras Foundation
  • United Kingdom - Centre for Mental Health
  • United Kingdom - the British Psychological Society

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