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Mapping Exclusion

Mapping Exclusion is one of MHE's main pieces of work and consists of mapping institutional and community care in the mental health field in Europe. The first version of Mapping Exclusion was published in 2012. 

Thanks to the support of the Open Society Foundations and the European Commission MHE is currently undertaking a revision of the Mapping Exclusion project with the help of its partner the Tizard Centre at University of Kent which will be entitled ‘Mapping and Understanding Exclusion’.

This time around the project is going bigger, attempting to map mental health systems beyond institutional care but also to understand the exclusion created by poor mental health systems by gathering stories from people with lived experience of institutionalisation, forced placement and treatment, seclusion and restraint.

2017 Update of the Mapping & Understanding Exclusion Report: we want to hear from you

As a part of its Mapping and Understanding Exclusion project, MHE and the Tizard Centre are calling for participants to share their experience of living in institution, forced hospitalisation or treatment, restraint and seclusion that occurred in Europe. 

If you would you like to play a role in helping people understand  these experiences, we would like to hear from you. Please click on the image below to download the call for research participants.

Please note that at present the information sheet is available in 4 languages but will be available in more languages soon. If you would like to help us translate so that we can make the project more accessible to non-English speakers, please contact Laura Marchetti

Important: Before making a decision about your participation please carefully read the call for participants

  • Download the Hungarian version HERE
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