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Position papers


Position paper on the proposal for a Directive on Work-Life Balance for Parents and Carers

Open Letter for a new mental health paradigm

Statement of ENUSP and Mental Health Europe on Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention

Briefing & Preliminary assessment of the European Pillar of Social Rights & Directive on Work-Life Balance for Parents and Carers

Mapping of Sunshine and Transparency Laws in Europe

Implementation Report of the UN CRPD at EU level from the perspective of the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities 

Position Paper on Article 12 of the UN CRPD on legal capacity: Autonomy, choice and the importance of supported-decision making for persons with psychosocial disabilities 

Joint-statement on mental health for the EU Health Policy Platform


MHE's submission to the EU Commission's Consultation on the European Pillar of Social Rights (full version) 

MHE Discussion Paper on the Social Pillar

Position paper on the need for mental health and psychosocial support for migrants and refugees in Europe

Submission to the consultation on the draft Council of Europe Disability Strategy (2017-2023)

Statement on the long-term unemployment recommendation

Position paper on the public consultation on the mid-term review of the Disability Strategy  and Executive Summary - Call for Action on the mid-term review of the Disability Strategy (shorter version)

Contribution to the call for submissions from the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on the General Day of Discussion on Art. 19 on the right to live independently and be included in the community


Mental Health Europe Position Paper on the ICD-10 Revision or Call for Action - ICD 10 (shorter version) 

*Analysis of the answers to MHE survey on the ICD-10 revision 

Position paper: Mental Health Europe response to the public consultation on the working document of the draft Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention


Physical and mental health problems are interlinked and policies must acknowledge this

Myth buster on forced treatment - Compulsory psychiatric treatment and its alternatives  - the facts

Ageing and mental health – a forgotten matter


Bucharest manifesto

Position Statement on DSM-V

Europe 2020 Position Paper - Stakeholder Involvement in National Reform Programmes 2013


Access to services by people with severe mental health problems who are homeless

Mental Health Europe reaction to EU Social Investment Package

Impact of the Crisis and Austerity Measures on Health Systems and Disadvantaged Groups (2012)




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