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Our work

Mental Health Europe advocates for the rights of people living with mental ill health and persons with psychosocial disabilities at European level.

What does this mean? 

  • We monitor, research and analyse EU policy proposals, decisions, legislation, and discussions in policy fields relevant to mental health 
  • Our areas of focus are human rights, EU social and health policies
  • Based on our analyses and close consultation with our membership, we formulate position papers to engage in a dialogue with the European institutions and other key stakeholders

Our policy work is based on our strategic priorities: 

1. Ensure a human rights-based and recovery-centred approach to mental health
To achieve this we will:

  • Engage with and influence the EU Institutions, the Council of Europe and other key stakeholders on the monitoring and implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Raise awareness of stigma and discrimination around mental health throughcommunication tools and a dedicated campaign
  • Lobby for review and reform of diagnostic models which are not human rights or recovery compliantactively support the empowerment of people with lived experience of mental ill health, including users and ex-users of services
  • Raise awareness of and promulgate the recovery model amongst members, key stakeholders and the general public

2. Parity of esteem: valuing mental health equally with physical health

To achieve this we will:

  • Advocate for equal funding in mental health and physical health- Ensure the mainstreaming of mental health in all policies, including economic,education, social and employment policies, with a particular focus on poverty and social inclusion, through policy and communication tools
  • Promote positive mental health and wellbeing in all policies and wider prevention strategies, particular prevention of suicide
  • Promote a holistic vision of health and a better knowledge of the intertwining of physical health and mental health

3. Advocate for better community based care

To achieve this we will

  • Advocate for de-institutionalisation (DI) through policy and communication tools, through the European Expert Group on DI- Deliver training on DI to the EU Institutions to raise awareness and influence key decision makers
  • Engage with National governments on the transparent and sound use of structural funds to enable the process of DI
  • Deliver an updated research project mapping institutionalisation in Europe- Create and facilitate formal and informal networks between our members to exchange best practiceson community based care

4. Promote better mental health at work

To achieve this we will

  • Engage with EU Institutions through policy and communication tools, on the economic and social costs of mental health issues at work
  • Through the EU Alliance on Mental Health in All Policies, create a broad network of NGOs, service providers, insurers, trade unions and corporates to influence policy makers
  • Advocate for and collate data on good quality employment opportunities for all, including people with psychosocial disabilities who are long-term unemployed

5. Strengthen and consolidate MHE’s networks

To achieve this we will:

  • Diversify funding streams
  • Create and consolidate informal and formal networks amongst our members to share best practices and develop joint projects where possible
  • Deliver flexible and responsive capacity building for members- Develop a membership strategy
  • Set up accountability mechanisms with transparent processes in line with best practices in good governance
  • Create informal and formal alliances with other European mental health organisations- Position MHE as the European voice of mental health




If you consider our work to be important, please do not hesitate to support us by making a donation:

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