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BBP Task Force

For many years MHE has been calling for wider recognition of the crisis of confidence in the increasingly biological/neurological approach taken by Western psychiatry as well as for action to help to change this culture within mental health services. MHE advocates for a human rights-based approach to health and disability and, as underlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the importance of the participation  of persons with psychosocial disabilities and persons with mental health problems in decisions which affect their lives.Therefore, MHE believes that a key shift in mental health culture should involve the taking into account of the views, rights and lived experience of users of these services. 

In 2012, MHE set up a group of Taskforce of experts to investigate, debate and report on the development of DSM-5, its likely impact and alternatives to the wholly medical/biological approach to psychiatry which are effective and which improve the lives and life chances of people with mental health concerns.  A position statement on DSM-5 was published and a survey on the responses to this statement was carried out in March-April 2013.

Following on from this work, in 2014 the Taskforce voted to become the Beyond the Biomedical Paradigm Taskforce (BBP Taskforce) to expand their work trying to shift the mental health sector away from the purely biomedical approach. The Taskforce met and adopted a manifesto for change entitled the Bucharest Manifesto¬Ě. 

The manifesto was unanimously approved by the MHE board and garnered widespread support.

Now, one of the main points of focus for the BBP Taskforce is the forthcoming revision of International Classification of Diseases (ICD 10) and ensuring that issues raised regarding the DSM-5 process are taken into account and that the process involves people with lived experience of mental distress as equal partners in its construction. 



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