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Register Now| Webinar Employment For All| 15th March

Mental Health Europe is pleased to invite you to join its webinar 'Employment for all: Ensuring access to the labour market for people living with mental ill health' on:   Wednesday 15th March | 14:00-16:00   The objective of this webinar is to explore labour market participation and existing international employment schemes for people living with mental ill health.   During this webinar we will: - Discuss obstacles to access the labour market for people living with mental ill health - Explain Article 27 of the UN CRPD on work and employment of people with disabilities and...[more]


MEPs adopt strategy on gender equality in mental health

The European Parliament adopted a report laying out a strategy on promoting gender equality in mental health and clinical trials, co-authored by MEP Julie Ward, who is member of MHE Coalition for Mental Health and Well-being in the European Parliament.  The report calls on the Commission and EU Member States to follow up on the EU Mental Health Compass and Joint Action on Mental Health with a comprehensive strategy which emphasises a psychosocial approach to mental health, taking into account socio-economic and environmental factors.  Women are far more likely to experience anxiety and depression, and face many more negative...[more]


MHE publishes position paper on art.12 of the UN CRPD on legal capacity

MHE has put together a position paper on Article 12 of the UN CRPD to provide guidance to stakeholders on what legal capacity means to the lives of persons with psychosocial disabilities and how they can be supported to make decisions for themselves. The paper provides examples of promising practices of supported decision making.. It calls for a Europe where people are supported to make decisions for themselves, where mental health systems do not use coercion and where Member States bring their legislation in line with the UN CRPD.  Read the position paper HERE.  Watch MHE's animation on legal capacity...[more]


17 European organisations calling for more action on mental health in Europe

Read the joint statement signed by 17 European organisations calling for more action on mental health in Europe which formulates proposals on how to ensure the EU addresses mental health in an integrated way.  The Joint Statement was originally prepared by Mental Health Europe and EUFAMI and endorsed by 15 other organisations on the European Health Policy Platform, recently presented to you HERE.  The Joint Statement calls for more parity of esteem, a life-course approach to mental health , more attention to mental health in the workplace wand the improvement of mental health treatment in primary care...[more]


Introducing the EUMH Alliance- Employment & Work website

Mental Health Europe and members of the European Alliance for Mental Health – Employment & Work are pleased to introduce the new website of the coalition (EUMH Alliance). The EUMH Alliance is an informal coalition of European organisations, the main aims of which are to promote mental health and well-being in the workplace, to advocate for equal access to the labour market for all people experiencing mental ill health and to stimulate policy developments at EU level in these domains. The Alliance’s work focuses on two perspectives:  workplace settings and employment. You can read more about its mission statement and how to get...[more]


Mental Health & Active Ageing: Event, video and press release

Mental Health Europe together with Member of the European Parliament Deirdre Clune (Ireland, EPP) held a successful event in the European Parliament on the 7th of February to discuss the importance of active ageing and why it matters to mental health. With more than 50 people in the room, the event gathered experts and policy makers including the Irish Minister for Mental Health and Older People Helen Mc Entee. The overall message coming out from the event was positive and full of hope: demographics are changing, life expectancy rises, but ageing should not be seen as a burden for society but as an opportunity.  Watch EU...[more]


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