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Mental health promotion in the workplace –A multi stakeholder dialogue” Wednesday 11th October 2017 | 09:00 -16:30 |Mundo-B, Rue d’Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels | Conference room | The European Alliance for Mental Health – Employment & Work , of which MHE is a member, the European Committee of the Regions Interregional Group on Health and Wellbeing and EUREGHA are pleased to invite you to the event “Mental health in the workplace – A multi stakeholder dialogue” which will take place in Brussels on the 11th October. The conference will explore mental health prevention and...[more]


MHE publishes Scorecard on the Maltese Presidency of the EU

MHE recently launched its Scorecard on the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union (January-June 2017) in relation to mental health and human rights. What is the Scorecard about? In order to engage with and analyse the performance of the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union, MHE has devised a new scorecard system through which we will evaluate each Presidency’s commitment to and promotion of mental health according to how they performed on the following criteria: Promotion of mental health and well-being, Commitment to the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities, The involvement and...[more]


Call to Action to Invest in mental health research

MHE has endorsed the call to action to invest in mental health research and a European Implementation Partnership on Mental Health and Wellbeing, based on the Roamer project's research priorities for mental health which can be found HERE.  Read Call to Action HERE. Read more about the Roamer project research priorities HERE[more]


MHE at the DESC project closing conference

MHE attended the DESC (disability, equality, security, careers) project closing conference hosted by the EASPD on the implementation of employment strategies to secure career paths for people with disabilities. MHE Director Maria Nyman participated in a panel where she recalled the importance of mental health in the workplace for everyone and highlighted the importance for persons with disabilities including psychosocial disabilities to know about their rights in line with article 27 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD). MHE put forward the empowerment of persons with disabilities which goes...[more]


Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention : ENUSP & MHE Joint Statement

Mental Health Europe (MHE) and the European Network of (Ex-) Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP) recently adopted a Joint-Statement which was delivered at the Council of Europe meeting of the Committee of Bioethics on 7th June where the drafting of the problematic ‘Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine concerning the protection of human rights and dignity of persons with mental disorders with regard to involuntary placement and treatment’ continued. MHE previously contributed to a consultation on a previous draft individually as well as with a group of stakeholders asking the Committee on...[more]


Mental Health Days in Luxembourg

On 8 June, MHE Director Maria Nyman participated in the European Governmental Expert Group on mental health in Luxembourg where she presented the joint-statement on mental health along with Aagje leven, Secretary General of EUFAMI. The meeting was followed by the second edition of the EU Compass for Mental Health which this year focused on Mental Health at Work and in Schools, Prevention of Suicide. The EU Compass gathers various stakeholders in the field of mental health and aims at discussing the implementation of policy recommendations of the Joint Action European Framework for Action on Mental Health and Well-being and the...[more]


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