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Press releases


World Mental Health Day: Wellbeing at work is an asset

World Mental Health Day: Migration: mental health is not the problem, it's the solution

A window of opportunity for a fair, social and supportive European Union

EU Country Specific Recommendations shows Social Europe is still pending

European Mental Health Alliance - Employment & Work joint press release: Depression: the biggest barrier to workplace well-being

World Health Day: Time to speak up about post-partum depression

Mental health is everyone’s concern: Joint statement by 17 European organisations 

Positive mental health is key to active and healthy ageing


More pilots’ mental health checks should not lead to more stigma and discrimination 

Mental health support to migrants and refugees should not be a luxury 

World Mental Health Day: The digital age as an opportunity to improve youth mental health

European Commission must keep its promises to achieve a more social Europe

EEG Joint Press Release: European Commission must safeguard adequate investment in community-based services in Country Specific Recommendations

Did you say social Europe? MHE’s reaction the Country Specific Recommendations 2016

Each of us: MHE launches new anti stigma campaign 

Shatter the stigma on World Health Day : joint statement from MHE and ILGA Europe

Germanwings’ tragedy: People with depression are not dangerous

Euthanasia and mental health in Belgium

Euthanasie et souffrance psychique: prudence de mise dans les discussions (FR)

Towards a more social, inclusive and fair year 2016


What we want you to know about the International Day for Persons with Disabilities

World Mental Health Day - Dignity in Mental Health  

We are moving in the right direction! Mental Health Europe welcomes the UN's recommendations to the EU

Mental Health Europe in Geneva for the EU-CRPD review

Greek crisis: European leaders should act to halt the humanitarian

Archives 2012-2014

Most vulnerable need fundamental shift in attitudes, service provision

Let the sunshine in - World Mental Health Day 2013

Employment and deinstitutionalization top agenda at meeting with EU Commissioner

Where credit is due - Mental Health Europe congratulates first city councillor with Down's syndrome

High hopes for Croatia in mental health reform

More harm than good - DSM 5 and exclusively biological psychiatry must be completely rethought

Addressing the physical health of people with mental health problems

Barriers to justice are barriers to equality

Stripped of dignity - Guardianship regimes prevent active citizenship

The European Union must stop its funds from keeping innocent people locked up

We have the tools, let's find the will  - MHE calls on EU to ratify Council of Europe convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence 

The European Year 2013 Cannot Be Developed in a Vacuum - MHE and FEANTSA call for health inequalities to be included in the framework of the Year

Media alert - Mental Health Europe reacts to Dalli resignation

Tried and tested “ Mental Health Europe urges EU to take up Individual Placement and Support

Peace Day 2012 - Mental health problems are linked to violence “ just not how you would think!

Suicides are about people, not numbers “ MHE and FEANTSA call for EU Action Plan on Homelessness


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