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EU Reporter: Interviews on Mental Health & Active Ageing in the European Parliament

The human cost of austerity - Al Jazeera Inside Story


Mainstreaming Mental Health, MHE in the Parliament Magazine 

Q&A with ILGA-Europe on Mental Health and LGBTI Rights 

Our Approach to Mental Health Isn't Working, Mental Health Europe for Open Society Foundations 

World Mental Health Day 2017: We meet the director of Mental Health Europe

#WorldMentalHealthDay: ‘Mental health is not the problem, it’s the solution’

Mental Health: the need for a paradigm shift, in Doctor Noticias 

Signomatic lance la campagne 'cestinvisible' en partenariat avec Mental Health Europe

A Social Europe is a healthy Europe, Social Compass 

Disability Voice: the right to work  for persons with psychosocial disabilities

Psychosocial Disability and Legal Capacity: Don't Bargain with Human Rights, MHE in Mad in America 

Why Is Post-Partum Depression A Taboo? Why Don't We Speak More About It?, MHE in the Huffington Post UK

Mother-turned-mental health advocate, MHE in MedTech Europe

#Mentalhealth is everyone's concern: Joint statement by 17 European organisations calling for more action on mental health in Europe, MHE in the EU Reporter

Positive mental health is key to active ageing, MHE in Doctor Noticias 


Friends: a key to improving our mental health, MHE in the Irish Times

MHE Director's interview for Newstalk radio [podcast] 

Mental health support for migrants and refugees should not be a luxury, says pan-European organisation, MHE in Mental Health Today

Managing for mental health, MHE in Adjacent Government UK

#MentalHealthEurope: Mental health support to migrants and refugees should not be a luxury, MHE in EU Reporter

"A tale of social media abuse and how to overcome it", MHE in Lovin Malta

 Pour l 'OCDE Il est temps d'agir - MHE in Etre Handicap Magazine

MHE calls for the EU social pillar - MHE in Pan European Networks

CRPD Konventionen - Ett Kratfullt verktyg för den psykiska hälsan [Article in Swedish on the UN CRPD, human rights and mental health]

Each of us: new Europe-wide mental health campaign targets stigma and discrimination, MHE in The Bulletin

Why we need to invest in adolescent mental health care MHE in Adjacent Government UK

Tackling mental health problems in the workplace, MHE in One Big Society


Bob Grove on International employment schemes for people with mental health problems , MHE in the BJPsych

Connecting the dots between physical and mental health, MHE in Adjacent Government UK

Germanwings tragedy puts mental health advocates on defensive, The Christian Science Monitor

Mental Health at Work, MHE in Pan European Networks

MHE's Greek member the Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health featured in the Pan European Network magazine

A supportive framework, MHE in International Innovation Magazine


MHE Featured in International Innovation Magazine

MHE quoted in about drugs use in France


Europe's Health Cuts Leave Mentally Ill Struggling - Bloomberg

The value of doing things rights - Homeless in Europe Magazine


[VIDEO] The human cost of austerity - MHE Director Maria Nyman on Al Jazeera Inside Story

Economic suicides shake Europe as financial crisis takes toll on mental health

Depression, Suicides Rise as Euro Debt Crisis Intensifies

Breaking down barriers - interview with Acting Director Karina Huberman in International Innovation magazine

More Greek Tragedy - Soziale Psychiatrie

Locking up institutions, instead of people : a mental health paradigm shift - Commonwealth Health Partnerships

Budgeting over Barriers: social investment for mental health - Science Omega Review

Working it out - Public Service Europe

Croatia must prove itself on mental health reform - Public Service Europe

The sane approach - Public Service Europe

Austerity and Euro crisis see suicides increase - Public Service Europe

Seven days - a week in the life of Maria Nyman - Public Service Europe

'Courage' needed to face up to domestic violence

'Horror' of closed institutions for disabled people


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