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Membership and Accreditation Committee 

Members of the Committee are:

-          Josée van Remoortel (Chair), Belgium

-          Mary van Dievel, Belgium

-          Nace Kovac, Slovenia

-          Vicente Ibanez Rojo, Spain

-          Pino Pini, Italy

Finance Committee

The objective of the finance Committee is to ensure that MHE's financial situation is given the necessary attention and to ensure that it is transparent, accountable and timely. 

Members of the Committee are:

-          Jan van Speybroeck (MHE Treasurer, chair), Belgium

-          Jan Berndsen (Board member), The Netherlands

-          Amedeea Enache (Board member), Romania

Committee on Mental Health and Human Rights

The objective of the Committee is to ensure that human rights are mainstreamed in all MHE's activities and projects and that appropriate actions are taken where human rights of people with mental health problems are violated. 

New members of the Committee were appointed in December 2015. 

Members of the Committee are:

- Guadalupe Morales Cano ( MHE Board member, Chair of the Committee), Spain

- Professor Niels Mulder (MHE Member), The Netherlands 

-  Regina Bisikiewicz (MHE Member), Poland

- Gabor Petri (MHE Member, former MHE staff member), Hungary 

-  Kristijan Grdjan  (MHE member, former  Board member), Hungary

- Dimitris Tataridis  (MHE Member, former MHE Board member), Greece




If you consider our work to be important, please do not hesitate to support us by making a donation:

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