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Board Members

MHE Board Members 2015 - 2018: Who are they?

Nigel Henderson, President ,Chief Executive Penumbra UK, Scotland

Rita Donabauer, Vice-President, Board member of pro mente Austria, Austria

Jan Van Speybroeck, Treasurer, Director, Flemish Association for Mental Health, Belgium

Barbara Davis, Secretary, Administration Manager, Mental Health Ireland, Ireland

Sari Aalto-Matturi, Executive Director, Finnish Association for Mental Health, Finland

Jan Berndsen, GGZ Nederland, the Netherlands

Amedeea Enache, Executive Director, Estuar Foundation, Romania

Birgit Görres, Managing Director, Dachverband Gemeindepsychiatrie e.V., Germany

Karilė Levickaitė, Director, Mental Health Perspectives, Lithuania

Donatella Miccinesi, AISMe, Italy

Guadalupe Morales, Director, Fundación Mundo Bipolar, Spain

Kitty Mylonopoulou, Chief Operating Officer, Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health, Greece

Stephanie Wooley, Board Director in charge of International relations, Advocacy France, France


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