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Organisational structure

Mental Health Europe is an international non-profit organisation established in 1985 and recognised under Belgian law.

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MHE's decision-making bodies reflect the diversity in the organisation's membership. The MHE Board, Executive Committee and President are elected every three years. Together with the General Assembly, they form the pillars of the organisation and guarantee its democratic decision-making process. The General Assembly is MHE's highest authority and is responsible for formulating the organisation's policy. The Board is the body elected by the General Assembly to develop a strategy for implementing the organisation's policy, while the Executive Committee is elected by the Board and is responsible for the daily management of the organisation and for supervising the work of the Secretariat. 

MHE also has several Committees and Task Forces, which are set up to support the work of MHE in specific policy areas or concerning particular topics- membershiop and accreditation, human rights and non-discrimination, the social inclusion of vulnerable groups, active ageing, the DSM 5 as well as ICD 10 Revision. The Secretariat is also supported by Senior Policy Advisers, who are specialists in their particular policy areas. 


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Mental Health Europe

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