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MHE History

Founded in Brighton UK in 1985 as the European Regional Council of the World Federation for Mental Health, Mental Health Europe (MHE) can pride itself with 28 years of activity on the Brussels arena. For the past three decades, Mental Health Europe has been at the forefront of mental health advocacy, always committed to the promotion of positive mental health and well-being, the prevention of mental health problems, the improvement of care, the  social inclusion and the protection of the human rights of (ex)users of mental health services, their families and carers. MHE is a European umbrella organisation which represents associations, organisations and individuals active in the field of mental health and well-being in Europe, including (ex)users of mental health services, volunteers and professionals. The organisation's dedication to its members has been rewarded by a 30% increase in membership since 2010.

You can read about MHE's long history of ensuring inclusion and non-discrimination of persons living with mental health problems, and to promote well-being, in our "History of Mental Health Europe" publication.




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